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Recruitment Canvas Model

A Recruitment Canvas Model helps hiring managers and recruiters in brainstorming a new and improved recruitment strategy.

Template by Nguyen Huu Phuc
3 minutes to finish · English · PDF
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Grove Recruitment Canvas helps progressive businesses established a solid thinking foundation to build a more effective recruitment strategy and process, thus approaching and hiring the right candidates for the right positions. Download now (for free) our Recruitment Canvas Model to kick off new hiring strategies.


Selecting the right candidate in a competitive labor market is a delicate and challenging procedure. You need to hire candidates who do not only possess the required skills but also have goals that align with that of the company. 

A recruitment canvas model helps to build a solid foundation for your recruitment strategy so you can find and hire the ideal talents whether they are software engineers, marketers, or designers.

What is the Recruitment Canvas Model

The Recruitment Canvas Model is a modified version inspired from the widely-used framework - Business Model Canvas. It aims to establish the foundation of your recruitment strategy so that you can focus on the right candidate with the right tools.

Grove Recruitment Canvas Model helps progressive businesses establish a creative thinking foundation to building a more effective recruitment strategy, thus approaching and hiring the right candidates for the right positions.

Who should use it

Team and leaders who can make recruitment decisions. Top management, HR leaders, recruiters, and line managers are highly encouraged to participate.

How to use it 

There is no particular order to filling in this model, but this process could help to make it clear and straightforward

  1. Start with determining your purpose and who this model created for.
  2. Define your Candidate Persona by grouping them into clusters based on their common characteristics (age, race, gender, etc). Then describe what candidates are looking for in their future company in the Employee Value Proposition box.
  3. Now that you have a clear picture of who you’re serving and how you’ll delight them, continue with the Channels and Candidate Relationships boxes to design how you will acquire them and how you will interact with them.
  4. Describe how the recruitment will work “behind the scenes” with Partners & Stakeholders, Key Activities, and Resources & Technology. Try to list all vital materials, important processes and invaluable allies.
  5. The bottom line of the canvas represents the bottom line of your recruitment: what's in and what's out. 
  6. The last step is linking the boxes and tidying up. You are now ready to roll out a more robust recruitment process - go for it!
Download for free your Recruitment Canvas Model 👉

With this model, you can:

  • Define the ideal candidates you are looking for
  • Plan the next hiring strategy suitable for your ideal candidates
  • Prepare activities, resources, technology or costs needed to achieve your hiring goals
  • Review what's in and what's out in your recruitment process

Who this template is for

  • Recruiters who want to create an effective recruitment funnel and hire the right candidates.
  • Hiring managers looking to find the best talents for their team.
  • Business leaders who want to establish a solid recruitment foundation.

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