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Weekly virtual meeting template

The weekly virtual meeting template help companies organise effective virtual meetings with their remote team.

Template by Nguyen Huu Phuc
5 minutes to finish · English · PPTX
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Working from home has become the norm as businesses seek continuity in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, weekly virtual meetings have become an essential way to keep up with these employees working from home. To make your weekly virtual meeting more productive, here is a template for managers to ensure the smooth running of online meetings with your employees.


As companies adapt to the remote work setup, virtual meetings have become the norm. Needless to say, holding regular online meetings isn’t void of challenges. Having all employees present at these meetings without interfering with their productivity could be a bit tricky, and this is where virtual meeting templates come in handy.

The virtual meeting templates let managers create a virtual meeting agenda that helps attendees prepare better for the meeting. This template also comes with example sentences workers can use to start the session smoothly. 

Read more about tips on conducting better virtual meetings and free online meeting tools to help facilitate the process.

Sample weekly virtual meeting template

Purpose of this template 

Working from home has become the norm as businesses seek continuity in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. Weekly virtual meetings have become a great way to keep up with these employees working from home. However, some difficulties might prevent you from getting the best out of your virtual meetings. To make your weekly virtual meeting more productive, here’s a template for managers to use.

A weekly virtual meeting template for managers is created to ensure the smooth running of online meetings with your employees. It will allow you to cover all the important points with eye-catching presentations. 

How to use it

This template will serve as a building block to creating your own virtual meeting plan. To use, add, edit, delete or customize these tasks in a way that best fits your team.

Tips to conduct a great virtual meeting

To make your virtual meetings well, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Schedule right: Make sure the time for the virtual meeting is convenient for everyone. Also ensure everyone knows about the time and send them reminders, if possible.
  • Test the technology ahead of time: Avoid delay by ensuring everyone downloads the necessary software ahead of time. All participants should also test their tools to make sure it is working well.
  • Stick to the meeting agenda: Set a clear objective before the meeting and stick to it. Make sure there is time set aside for breaks.
  • Assign a meeting coordinator: Assign the role of a coordinator to a participant. This person will help guide the conversation. The coordinator should also be in charge of helping participants solve their technology issues. 
  • Keep people engaged: Get everyone to participate and ensure everyone contributes to the discussion. Encourage the less outspoken participants to speak before making decisions.


Warm-up sessions during virtual meetings are created to ensure conversation flow, remove shyness and increase connection among participants. Here are examples of warm-up activities:

  • Book/music sharing: Ask everyone to share their favorite music at the moment. Also, you can ask them to recommend a book for the team.
  • Show and tell: Ask participants to take a picture of their current workspace and share it with you. Upload (without adding names) and have everyone take a guess about which workspace belongs to who and why.
  • Trivia/quiz: Start a trivia/quiz about something (e.g the company). Give participants 30 seconds to answer each question. 
  • Throwback challenge: Ask participants to share a photo of when they are younger for all to see. 
  • Cook: Ask each participant to share a photo of their breakfast with you. Upload (without adding names) and have everyone guess who cooked what.
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In this template, you'll get:

  • A customizable Powerpoint template with structured points to conduct a virtual meeting.
  • Helpful tips to make the meeting more engaging.
  • Example sentences to help you start the meeting smoothly.

How to use this template

  • ✂️
    The template is fair use for your own purposes. Feel free to copy or refer to the structure and guidelines inside.
  • 🛎
    Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws.
  • ✍️
    The contents in the template are just a starter. Make sure you insert and edit the variables (name, logos, etc.) to tailor the template to your business.
  • 📟
    Upgrade the material by changing or adding in texts, sections, and visuals.
  • 🖨
    Export as PDF or print it out for easier handling and communication with your team.

Who this template is for

  • Team leaders who want to host virtual meetings with distributed teams.
  • Managers who want to encourage engagement during virtual meetings.
  • Anyone looking to conduct productive online meetings.

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