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Work from home experience survey template

The work from home experience survey template helps you understand the challenges employees face as they transition into the new work mode.

Template by Nguyen Huu Phuc
4 minutes to finish · English · PPTX
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Work-from-home arrangement is compulsory during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this unfamiliar work mode may post tremendous challenges to your employees, which could easily be overseen. Adopt now (for free) our Work from home experience survey template to understand these challenges, thus ensure a more productive and enjoyable remote work environment. 


Working from home comes with a lot of mixed feelings for remote workers that you have to demystify. Do they enjoy working from the comfort of their homes? Do they miss the office? Are they feeling left out? You can only find answers to these questions when you conduct an insightful work-from-home survey.

This template contains work from home survey questions that gives you a better understanding of how they are adapting to the new methods of working. From such insights, you can know how to improve employees' work from home experience. Some of the strategies could be, organizing fun virtual activities, implementing employee assistance program policies for employees struggling with the transition,  equipping them with the right productivity tools, frequent interaction, and rewarding them with gifts that motivate them. And to further facilitate better the remote work mode, here is our work from home kit to assist you more.

Work from home experience survey question list

The overall state

1. How do you feel about the work from home arrangement so far?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦

2. What are the THREE biggest challenges you are currently facing while working from home?

  • Lack of frequent communication
  • Tracking work progress is harder
  • Social isolation
  • Too many distractions at home
  • Don't have access to the necessary tools and information for my work
  • Conflicts of scheduling
  • Lacking of team engagement
  • Internet connection
  • Childcare
  • My physical workspace
  • (Others)

3. What are the things that you are really happy with while working from home? E.g. Less travel, less traffic

4. What are the things that negatively affect you while working from home? E.g. Distraction at home

5. Would you like to work remotely in the future (either from your home or your other preferable places)?

  • Yes, work remotely full time is perfect for me
  • Yes, work remotely for some days in a week sounds great
  • No, I would prefer to work at the office
  • (Others)

The wellbeing state

6. What changes in your physical health have been noticed since you start working from home so far?

  • Unexpected weight gained/lost
  • Exhausting body due to lack of active physical exercises
  • More serious signs on existing back-pain/neck-pain
  • Nothing, I'm doing great!
  • (Others)

7. What changes in your mental health have been noticed since you start working from home so far?

  • Higher level of anxiety/stress
  • Feeling depression
  • Nothing, I'm feeling great!
  • (Others)

The working environment

8. How effectively have the current working tools supported your work from home arrangement?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      ⑧      ⑨ 

9. How would you rate your home working environment?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      ⑧      ⑨ 

The team and productivity

10. How easily have you reached your teammates for a discussion/meeting while working from home?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      ⑧      ⑨ 

11. Have you and your team had fun/ enjoyed times with each other while working from home (either in working time or non-working time)?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      ⑧      ⑨ 

12. How would you rate your work-from-home productivity? (Please make a rough comparison to normal productivity at the office)

  • Less than 70%
  • 70% - 80%
  • 80% - 90%
  • 90% - 100%
  • 100% - 110%
  • 110% - 120%
  • Over 120%
  • (Others)

The leadership and management

13. How clearly has your manager communicated the working from home guidelines and agreements to you?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      ⑧      ⑨ 

14. How sufficiently have you received comments/feedback from your manager while working from home?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦      

15. How well do you see your work performance is recognized by your manager while working from home?

⓪      ①     ②     ③     ④      ⑤      ⑥      ⑦


16. Tell us what you think to make the work from home arrangement better and more effective.

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With this template, you can:

  • Make a copy of a well-structured and ready-made WFH experience online survey form
  • Learn about your team's work-related struggles, leadership effectiveness, productivity state, physical and mental health
  • Get constructive recommendations for a better remote working environment.

How to use this template?

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    Before editing, remember to “Make a copy" and edit on your copied file to keep the original file for everyone.
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    The contents in the template are just a starter. Make sure you insert and edit the variables (name, logos, survey scale etc.) to tailor the template to your business’s needs.
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    Click “send" and kick start your survey process.

Who this template is for

  • HR Managers who need real-time statistics to create a data-driven work from home policy.
  • Founders who want to improve engagement for their remote team.
  • Team leaders who want to give their remote team a better work from home experience.

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