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Work from home kit for better performance

Facilitate a smooth transition into remote work and keep everyone productive with the Work from home kit.

Template by Tien Viet Nguyen
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Nowadays with the help of advanced technologies, remote work becomes an inevitable future as it is easier and more effective to work form home than ever before. However, you will need the right tools and strategies to ensure a smooth transition into remote work. Download (for free) and start preparing for the future of work with our all-in-one kit.


According to Grove HR's workforce state during COVID-19 research, nearly 80% of companies started remote work to curb the spread of this virus. However, the effectiveness of this work mode is still a question as many employees are struggling to stay productive while working from home.

The work from home kit helps companies implement effective strategies that facilitate the transition process for employees. With this kit, companies can also hold better virtual meetings using a well-structured template and improve employee engagement with fun virtual activities ideas to support this cause. 

Common challenges when working from home

Here are the most common challenges your employees might face while working from home. 

  1. Distraction: Employees can easily get distracted by family, friends or different types of entertainment when working from home. 
  2. Communication problem: Working from home means employees may find it difficult to communicate with one another. Even getting answers from other team members can feel like a large obstacle and take a longer time to be responded 
  3. Lack of face-to-face supervision: Supervisors worry that employees will not work as hard or as efficiently. Many employees, on the other hand, struggle with reduced access to managerial support and communication in getting their work done
  4. Social isolation: Employees may suffer from isolation in the short run, particularly if they do not have opportunities to connect with others in their remote-work environment. Over a longer period, isolation can cause any employee to feel less “belonging” to their organization, even increase intention to leave the company
  5. Technical problems: Office technology (equipment, tools, and internet) are usually reliable and efficient. However, the same cannot be said about remote ones due to unstable internet connection and faulty setup.

Work from home best practices to overcome these challenges

How employees can work from home effectively

To maintain the employee performance when working from home, we advise our remote employees to:

  • Choose a quiet space to work
  • Set their working hours and dedicate their full attention to your job duties during those hours. The working hours should have a break time of {E.g. 45 mins - 1 hour} to avoid burnout
  • Ensure they regularly communicate with their team members on important issues in order to help them perform their job duties effectively
  • Avoid distractions by adopting the use of noise-canceling headphones. Having a glass of drink nearby and keeping pets and kids away will also help.
  • Track your progress and take accountability by setting personal daily and weekly goals and deadlines

How to manage a remote team effectively

To ensure the team productivity will not suffer in work-from-home arrangements, we advise our managers to:

  • Manager should set clear daily, weekly or monthly objectives for employees to achieve.
  • Manager should implement a fixed time-to-response rule to ensure continuous communication and collaboration between team members.
  • Manager should constantly monitor and check progress of remote employees.
  • Managers should manage remote employees’ profiles, directory and time off with the HR management software to avoid complications. With Grove HR, employee management can easily be achieved.
  • Managers should endeavor to be transparent and open with feedback and corrections.
  • Managers should regularly keep in touch with remote employees to discuss specific goals, schedules, and deadlines. 

Download now the full work from home kit 👉

In this kit, you'll get:

  • A managerial checklist of crucial criteria for imposing work-from-home mode.
  • A template of guidelines for companies to ensure a smooth transition into remote work.
  • A template for your weekly virtual meeting.

How to use this template

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    The kit may include templates, guidelines, and checklists. Feel absolutely free to edit, copy, and tailor them all to fit your needs.
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    Export as PDF or print out for easier handling and communication with your team.

Who this template is for

  • HR professionals who want to create a positive work from home experience for remote employees.
  • Companies that want to maintain employee productivity as they explore a new mode of work.
  • Managers who desire to implement work from home policies that align with the company’s goals.

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