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Modern management with Grove HR helped SMF Asia Pacific win 2 industrial court cases

Being in business since 2001,  SMF Asia Pacific recently learned that its HR system is non-existent and manual HR and data administration will be impractical for their growth. To help them bring the change, Grove HR centralizes and automates employee time-off, data management, and HR processes at SMF Asia Pacific.

SMF Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of a UK company that specializes in street furniture. With prominent clients from the advertising industry, SMF Asia Pacific helps them build bus shelters, signposts, LED displays, and other street furniture that assist in advertising.

With the main office in Malaysia, SMF Asia Pacific has a workforce of 34 employees. While growth has been constant for SMF Asia Pacific, that's not been the case with their HR system. As said by Rob Duncan, General Manager at SMF Asia Pacific:

"In the absence of an electronic system, our HR was a bit of a mess. It was basically folders of people's confidential information scattered around the place. To solve this issue, we turned over to Grove HR, which has been the best decision. It allowed us to follow a central way of recording employee data while making the internal communication easy."

Being the first HRM system of SMF Asia Pacific, Grove HR has helped the company achieve its core objective of building a seamless experience for employees and the management.




Discrepancies and improper tracking caused by manual time-off management


Shifting from manual paperwork to an organized, centralized, and accessible time-off feature of Grove HR


Struggling to share news and updates with the team


The News feature on both desktop and mobile app simplified sharing business updates and announcements with the team

Difficulty in managing, analyzing, and sorting employee data, company policies from spreadsheets and folders.

An organized, secured, and centralized way of recording employee data, company policies using Grove HR


A centralized way of recording data

With the workforce divided among employees and factory workers, it was quite a hassle for SMF Asia Pacific to manage their employee data and maintain a centralized record. 

The employee data like contracts, personal information scattered around the place in different folders made it more susceptible to errors. This disorganized way of management at SMF Asia Pacific led to employment issues, security concerns, and loss of data.

Grove HR allowed the company to have a centralized and organized way of storing employee data files like resumes, employment contracts, letters, etc. This eliminated the room for discussion or argument with employees regarding their data.

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Employees' time tracking is now a no-brainer

SMF Asia Pacific's flexible work schedule made it difficult to keep track of work hours, days off, and leave requests. The usage of an Excel spreadsheet for approving and tracking employee time-off status made the process lengthy and invited errors.

Rob says: "It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that having all your documents on a secure system like Grove HR, where everyone has access to the leave and attendance, just makes perfect sense."

Grove HR's Geo-fencing technology made attendance management easy. After check-in, the app shows that whether employees stay within 100 meters of the office or not, which works quite well for productivity, as said by the management.

"With Grove HR, it becomes easy for employees to track how much time they've taken off. The approval loop also becomes much easier because the process is now digitalized and accessible." - Rob Duncan, General Manager at SMF Asia Pacific.


Make essential things accessible on the go


Earlier to Grove HR, the company struggled to establish a real-time system of sharing news and updates across the company. They used a notice board to share the information, but most employees failed to look at it.

But after using Grove HR, things have changed for both management and employees.

As Rob shares: "With Grove HR app, employees can apply, track and monitor their leave count, daily attendance, personal data, or get notified of key company updates. They don't have to go their supervisor for every small thing as Grove HR has made the process quick, digital, and easy."


Make the change with Grove HR

Achieving a centralized way of management is no longer an expensive choice. 
Keep in mind that an incompetent management system is the root cause of company failure. Thousands of small businesses are embracing affordable yet powerful HR software like Grove HR to lead the company towards sustainable growth.

Let Grove HR take care of your administration, so you have more time to care for your people. Sign up now for free or request a customized demo with our team. Managing a business is itself a big task and let’s not add the responsibility of HR to this.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.