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27 October, 2023 | 12 Min Read

5 Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses (Free & Paid)

49% of small businesses are struggling to find the right candidates. Thus, enhancing your hiring process by implementing advanced recruitment...
27 September, 2023 | 9 Min Read

10 Most Attractive Employee Referral Program Ideas & Examples

Do you know that an employee referral program, when done right, is one of the most effective methods to recruit top talents? Here are some ideas to...
8 September, 2023 | 8 Min Read

Best 10 video interview platforms for online recruitment in 2023

Hiring teams are embracing the use of video interview tools. It helps them to ease out scheduling conflicts, cut on costs and time, and go through...
8 September, 2023 | 7 Min Read

10 best ways to spot a good candidate at an interview

How do you identify an outstanding candidate beyond a resume? Set up an interview with your potential candidates and spot the right one with our 10...
2 June, 2023 | 9 Min Read

What is an employee referral program? 9 successful examples

Running a successful business necessitates the right set of employees. While there are numerous ways to acquire the right candidate, employee...
4 April, 2022 | 7 Min Read

Improving your recruitment strategies in Vietnam (with data)

Grove HR partnered with YouGov Vietnam to carry out extensive research on 'What Vietnamese candidates want in 2022'{% icon...
28 July, 2021 | 9 Min Read

Decoding Careers Page series - What you can learn from Apple

Winning the war for talent requires leveraging all the tools at your disposal. And there’s no better place to start than with your company’s careers...
14 July, 2021 | 9 Min Read

Decoding Careers Page series - What you can learn from Facebook

We all know the saying “first impressions matter.” This couldn’t be more pertinent to today's businesses seeking to attract the best candidates to...
27 June, 2021 | 12 Min Read

The ultimate list of Facebook groups for recruiters

A lot of HR professionals are sharing their opinions and experiences on Facebook groups. These groups help them connect, communicate with like-minded...
25 June, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Vietnam: Insights into the biggest motivators for attracting talents

This article is a part of our research with YouGov Vietnam, "What Vietnamese candidates want in 2021". Finding talent is never easy, let alone...
15 June, 2021 | 6 Min Read

Internship program: How to start one

Internship programs are great opportunities to develop and create connections with young people who could be great additions to your company in a few...
21 October, 2020 | 5 Min Read

Top 10+ niche job boards that recruiters should know.

In addition to reaching a wide pool of candidates in various roles using Indeed or Monster, employers are now able to use niche job boards to target...
21 September, 2020 | 22 Min Read

Recruitment process comprehensive guide to attract talents

Having a recruitment strategy for your business is like being in a race. By the end of it, you will have found the winning candidate. To help you...
24 August, 2020 | 12 Min Read

Recruitment terms and phrases you need to know

Every year, new recruitment terminologies spring up, making them tricky to understand or keep up with. This glossary is all you need to get started...
13 August, 2020 | 11 Min Read

20+ most popular job posting sites in Southeast Asia

Understand the reasons why job posting sites are crucial to your recruitment process and get yourself a curated list of 20+ most common job posting...
13 August, 2020 | 6 Min Read

9 recruiting tactics to get more CVs on social media

Social media is by far the most effective and affordable way to get qualified candidates. Learn the 9 best tactics to enhance your hiring efforts in...
11 May, 2020 | 5 Min Read

5 smart tips to hire a culture-fit employee

Understand the reasons companies go for culture-fit candidates. In addition, get a full rundown on the steps to take when your company is looking to...

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