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TFE Commerce Solutions increases employee engagement by 50% with Grove HR

With growth come challenges, and it was no different for TFE Commerce Solutions, an information technology solution provider. After doubling its workforce while working remotely, the co-founders were forced to juggle business and HR due to the lack of an automated system. However, Grove HR came as a helping hand for this emerging startup and managed everything from payroll, recruitment to attendance.

Co-founders Odera and Trina started TFE Commerce Solutions to provide e-commerce services like App & Website development, Logistics, Fulfillment, and Dropshipping to online business owners and SMEs in the Philippines.

With 2 offices in the Philippines, TFE Commerce Solutions is expanding its business and workforce at the same time. However, the shift to remote working in the pandemic made the co-founders realize that managing a team of 11-20 employees while WFH requires dedicated and organized software.

Managing payroll, attendance, recruitment, and employee tracking through Google sheets, Excel was not working out anymore. Even after using ADP, Slack, and Freshteam, TFE Commerce Solutions could not find the right solution that catered to their team and business needs.

“We decided to go ahead with Grove HR because it gives us everything. It’s affordable, easy to use, and convenient. From the clock in, clock out, org chart, payroll management, career page, to a mobile app, it has every essential tool a remote company needs to function stress-free”, says Odera Joseph Echendu, Co-founder at TFE Commerce Solutions.




Lengthy recruitment process via email and social platforms


A dedicated career page with a pre-designed recruitment template via Grove HR streamlined and fastened the recruitment process.


Data loss due to manual errors and safety concerns


Data centralized in one place using Grove HR‘s recording system made the process easy and quick.


No orderly way to time track employee working hours and availability


Replacing the manual check-in/out with the QR code clock-in/out process for in-depth reports via Grove HR.

Hours spent in manual payroll management.


Using the automated payroll management on Grove HR, the company achieved comfort and timely payments with just a few clicks.


A fast and simplified way of recruitment

In the absence of a dedicated portal to manage onboarding and recruitment, TFE Commerce Solutions was sailing its recruitment boat with the help of Google Sheet, Facebook Groups, and Email. Not long ago, they learned that such an approach is not something that will work with their growing business and team.

After partnering with Grove HR, TFE Commerce Solutions has a dedicated career page without any coding effort that does all the work for them. They can now just post about the job openings with just a few clicks.

The recruitment to onboarding process is cut short to only a few steps. The team utilizes a customized onboarding checklist that eases the whole onboarding process. Hence, newcomers are prompted and reminded about their onboarding tasks through email and mobile app.

Grove HR - TFE Commerce Solutions case study - Odera testimonial


Employees and data go hand in hand

The biggest hurdle Odera and Trina faced while managing employees was tracking working time and attendance. In search of a solution, they tried Slack, which was ineffective considering the lack of in-depth data elements.

Adding to the aforesaid, loss of data was another primary concern for TFE Commerce Solutions. As Odera puts it, “Earlier we used Excel sheets and Google Drive. After losing one of the applicant’s emails due to human error, I realized that this would be a problem if we didn’t have a system."

Learning from its mistake, the company shifted from its old school approach of manual work to the new way of data management. With Grove HR, all employee data like payment details, IDs, Personal details, contracts, payslips, and more are now safe, synchronized, and accessible easily. They also utilize the QR code Clock-in/out feature to dig deep into employee attendance, work timings, and much more.

“We have also increased our employee engagement rate by around 50% because Grove HR has everything that our employees need,” says Trina Felix Echendu, Co-founder at TFE Commerce Solutions.


Verify, approve & pay - A three-step payroll process

As said by the co-founder, “Earlier we used to manage our payroll via Google sheets, and after facing a lot of issues such as inaccuracy and long hours, we shifted to Grove HR, which is the best decision we made.”

After using Grove HR’s automated payroll management feature, TFE Commerce Solutions saved up a lot of time, manpower, and energy. With a simplified dashboard and automation of payroll via Grove HR, the co-founders now just have to check, approve, and pay.

Grove HR - TFE Commerce Solutions case study -  Trina testimonials


Level-up your management game with Grove HR

Managing a business is itself a big task and let’s not add the responsibility of HR to this.

Trina shares that “We've doubled in size, and we're still actively recruiting people because our company's also growing. In such a situation, we're glad that Grove HR is our partner because it's very comprehensive, and the onboarding process is smooth for all the new employees. So, it’s a win-win.”

So, if you have been putting off the HR advancements, now is the time. Digitize your HR processes with an all-in-one platform. Let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to care for your people. Sign up now for free or request a customized demo with our team.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.