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Therma scales by 30% in one year, staying efficient with Grove HR

Seeking to create a sustainable environment, Therma sees itself as “Environmental Warriors"   reducing the carbon footprint of the AC and refrigerator industry. With Grove HR, Therma has grown by 30% with a faster recruitment process and ensured a smooth HR operation even as all employees are working remotely.

Therma is a US company headquartered in San Francisco, United States. Its operations are supervised and carried out under the umbrella of CoInspect. Founded in 2014, Therma is a hardware and software company that helps stakeholders detect and monitor the temperature to protect inventory. 

As the company grew, the need for employee commitment and insights began to rise. Says Jomar Colao, Operations Manager at Therma “We realized that our HR functions needed more than just free Google Office tools to keep everyone productive, committed, and engaged.” Grove HR’s holistic platform gives Therma what it needs to HR processes and facilitate the development of their company culture.




Complexity in collation of applicant data


Switching from the manual operations associated with Google Workspace to a more Grove HR's centralized recruitment portal.


Zero security and selection of data


Utilizing the secure database of Grove HR to allow data permission to the right employee for a smoother communication line.


No systematic way to track employee working hours and availability


Shifting from a manual biometric machine to adopting the QR code on Grove HR for a simpler clock-in/out process.


Employees missing out on important events and information.


Using the Grove HR’s automated reminders to notify all employees of key company announcements.


Eliminating resource-heavy recruitment process

Before adopting Grove HR, the recruitment process at Therma was quite strenuous. Applicants were obtained through links with several recruitment agencies, job postings on social media, and referrals. Then, their CVs were put into folders and encoded into Google Sheets with feedback for each interview stage.

However, this process was too tasking: collation was an extremely long process, as all data were manually inputted cell by cell.

Grove's Recruitment feature has been helpful, says Jomar. All applicants had to do was submit their resumes along with a few information and Grove HR will automatically cultivate data from the CVs and store everything cohesively on the system.


Grove HR - Therma case study

Enable miracle growth with Grove HR recruitment


Jomar also adds that the communications between recruiter and interviewer are easier as they can access the applicant’s information, assess it, and then leave a comment.


An all-encompassing approach to employee data management

Jomar shares that the reason they chose Grove HR is that exploring and adapting to its features was quick and easy. Records required for an operation can be accessed easily or scan also be restricted to managerial staff when necessary. And with the Custom Fields feature, they can add, edit specific data that is important to an employee’s line of work.

“The team likes Grove HR. It is doing well, they went for it and made it the main platform for HR functions.” - said Jomar

Plus, employees can access contact info, employment details like their Tax ID, and emergency numbers whenever they want without waiting for HR.


A smarter way to track attendance

Prior to Grove HR, Thermaused the manual biometric machine to keep track of employee attendance which was an extremely long and difficult process as these records weren’t linked to any system. Then, they had to eject the memory card and transfer these records into the computer.

During the COVID-19, the biometric machine also became ineffective when employees started working from home. The team tried Slack to notify them when employees log in and out, which was inaccurate and hard to keep records.

The Time Attendance feature with the clock-in/out QR code makes the process easier and more seamless. The records are then assessed by the line manager to verify the employees’ attendance.


Working on the go with Grove HR mobile app

With several meetings to attend every day, Therma's HR team was lagging behind on carrying out their daily functions, as they could only do so much with the limited access they had to their computers. But with the Grove HR app, they can now work anytime, anywhere and keep up with the fast-paced nature of their job. Employees could also request time-off and have the HR team approve it within seconds.

Unlike the traditional e-mailing system that clumps up their messages, notifications from Grove HR send straight to their mobile phones, so they don’t miss out on any important information from the company or their colleagues.

jomar quotes


Embrace HR simplicity with Grove HR

Therma’s decision to introduce Grove HR in their HR processes has helped them strengthen what used to be their greatest weak point. They have been able to ease the burden their HR manager had to bear using other software.

Looking for a way to simplify HR functions at your company? Say goodbye to strenuous manual processes and let Grove HR take care of your administration so you have more time to take care of your people. Sign up for free here.

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Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes

  • Reduce manual effort with automated HR processes
  • Automate attendance and time off.
  • Conduct 360-degree performance management easily.