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Workable integration: Better & improved recruitment process

Grove HR now enables Workable integration to help you track, manage applicants, and sync data across both platforms, enjoying the best of both worlds.

Workable is a hiring platform that helps companies manage their in-house recruitment and hire the best talent. Through the platform, employers are able to review applications, communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and make the final offer.

To help businesses scale their hiring process, Grove HR has integrated Workable into its system. Now, recruiters can sync candidate data across both platforms, get notified when new candidate data is synced, and download candidate lists for better storage. Check it out!

What does the integration with Grove HR look like?

For companies with aggressive hiring demands, Workable is a popular choice with comprehensive ATS functions. Now with this integration, recruiters and HR officers can enjoy the most notable features of Grove HR and Workable.

Instead of exporting candidates’ data from Workable and then importing it to Grove HR, you can just sync the data, all thanks to the integration. Having to enjoy the best features of two leading HR platforms gives customers a seamless experience and optimizes their hiring processes and overall HR functions.

How it works:

  • Enable the Integration in Global Settings (only the user who has this permission enabled can access Integrations)

  • View and click the Applicant Tracking System category with Workable listed in the first place

  • Hover “What data will be synced to Grove HR?” to get the details about the data being synced

  • Connect your Grove HR account with Workable by entering the subdomain and the API key


Moreover, Grove HR automatically scans through Workable every 2 minutes to identify new candidates that have moved to the “Hired” stage. 

If the company is no longer using Workable or wants to stop syncing the data from Workable to Grove HR, they can “Disconnect” Grove from Workable.

Please note that the integration is only available for paid plans. Talk with our team to upgrade the plan that most fits your company.

Recruitment enhancements to better manage your candidates

Along with the integration, we update some recruitment features to optimize the process and keep proper records.

1. Adding “Expected Join Date" to the candidate profile

We now add the “Expected Join Date” in the system when candidates have been successfully hired. The exact date can also be included when the candidate list is imported from WorkabLe (or any ATS). This field will only be left blank when the newly synced candidate doesn’t have a join/start date in their records.

Grove HR - expected join date


2. Adding source & update Activity for candidates synced from Workable

Identifying the source of a candidate list for better insights is now possible with this new update. The Workable logo is displayed right next to the synced candidate’s profile.

You can also find a tag in the info section saying “This candidate’s profile is synced from Workable” when you visit a candidate’s profile. On the activity log, you will also find the date when the candidate’s data was synched to Grove HR.

Grove HR - Adding source & update Activity for candidates synced from Workable


3. Allows users to download the list of candidates

Lastly, hiring managers and their teams can now download the candidate list. These lists are only available in excel supported formats - Excel file or file .xlsx. You can also segment your lists by filtering criteria such as stage, expected join date, sources, tags, etc.

Get started now

If you are a current Grove HR user, you can start using the new features now. If not, sign up for free or book a demo with our team to learn how Grove HR can level up your team productivity and employee experience.

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